Sisters Interiors


What began as a small boutique at the southern end of South Padre Island, has expanded into a newly built 5,700 square foot space now located at 2901 Padre Blvd. While the retail business has stayed strong for the past 3o+ years, the interior-design side has grown by leaps and bounds.

The new store location serves as the showcase for our retail splendor, design team, superior quality and aesthetic zeal that has become known as “Sisters.” Owners Ann Hunsaker and Linda Golden designed their new showroom to be a living example of the type of work the company can deliver.

Retail and Design The Best of Both Worlds

Timely texture, color and signature artwork accent the walls inviting customers and design clients an opportunity to visualize the upcoming  transformation of their own home.

One-Of-A-Kind Design

Sisters Interiors has a distinctive look. Friends call it “Sisters”. Like any artist, lead designer, Ann Hunsaker, is the matriarch and inspiration of the “Sisters look”.

Leading her design team by example, she sets the bar for our studio with her ability to be creative and think outside the box. Instead of a paintbrush or clay, the materials are quartz, marble, porcelain – glass tile, crown molding, corbels, wood trim, mirrors, and glass.

Our Sisters Family

The Real Life Sisters…

The brain child of Ann Hunsaker and Linda Golden became “Sisters” in the summer of 1986. Since that time, their eye for retail specialties and dynamic interiors has flourished. Ann’s daughter, Stefani, is representing the next  generation. Along with an exceptional retail and design team, they are bringing modern flair to timeless tradition.

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